Celebrating 4-H Week

“To Make the Best Better,” is the 4-H motto.

In Clark County, the 4-H motto is well represented. In the 2017-18 4-H program year, Clark County had contact with approximately 4,700 4-Hers who were enrolled in traditional clubs and activities, in-school clubs and camps.

These 4-Hers, along with dedicated 4-H volunteers, make Clark County 4-H an amazing place to belong.

Oct. 7 to 13 is National 4-H Week. To help us celebrate, Julie Ullery, 4-H Council president and sewing leader; Peggy Wells, 4-H council member and volunteer; Leanna Comer, 4-H council member and club leader; and current 4-H member Kiera Dorsey share their thoughts on what 4-H means to them.

“When I was 10 years old, I joined 4-H to learn how to sew. Wow! Little did I know that 4-H would have such an influence on my life,” Julie Ullery wrote. “From participating in 4-H I learned the art of sewing, cooking, creating yeast breads, leadership skills through 4-H junior counselor at camp and being able to participate in 4-H on a state level in the state of Ohio. Then I grew up and became an adult!!! A lot of my life and volunteering still revolves around 4-H. I am active teaching 4-H sewing, being a Master Clothing volunteer, serving as an adult counselor at 4-H camp and teaching outdoor cooking, and serving on the local 4-H council. 4-H says it best ‘To Make the Best Better’, what a great goal for our life.”

“As a child in the 1970s, I went to North Central 4-H Camp for the first time. Being from Madison County, I had never heard of what canoeing was. I sure learned fast and still enjoy it today 50 years later,” Peggy Wells wrote. “For the past 16 years, I have volunteered as an Adult Counselor at that same 4-H Camp. Seeing children experience canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, and zip lining for the first time, brings joy to me and self-confidence to them. These experiences will forever open their eyes to trying new activities along with new friendship that these 4-Hers will forever carry in their hearts. 4-H equals Head, Hands, Hearts, & Health. Friends, come to 4-H Camp with Clark County in June 2019; come make a lifetime of friendships.”

“A few years ago, I chose to volunteer with Clark County 4-H because I had seen firsthand the positive impact the organization has on the youth in our county,” Leanna Comer wrote. “My children have benefited immeasurable from 4-H. I have no doubt that, through their participation in 4-H clubs and projects, they have grown as leaders, honed critical communications skills, become more confident, and developed a greater appreciation of what it means to be community minded and civically engaged. As co-leader of two 4-H clubs, I get to witness the same growth and development in other children, as well. What a joy that has been! Clark County is fortunate to have such an active and progressive 4-H program, and our family is blessed to be part of it.”

“Since I was 9 years old, I have participated in various clubs and projects in 4-H. I had the opportunity to attend a summer camp and the State Fair a couple of times for the Country Ham Project,” Kiera Dorsey wrote. “Being in 4-H has given me a chance to meet new students from other counties and make new friends. In Junior Leadership, I get to work with the other 4-Hers and have team building activities. My favorite memory was this past year when I got to present my Country Ham during the Clark County Livestock Show & Sale Auction. I was proud of my hard work I accomplished and glad my family was able to experience it with me! There are so many different clubs and projects that kids can participate in. I had so much fun at the 4-H Summer Camp. Not only did I have a chance to make new friends, but I got the chance to attend several different activities throughout the week! This year in Junior Leadership, I became the Social Ambassador. I am getting more involved with the club and will use this opportunity to bring in other students.”