A time to pray together

Clark County residents gathered at the courthouse Thursday to honor the National Day of Prayer.

The George Rogers Clark High School ROTC posted the colors, and Mayor Ed Burtner led the Pledge of Allegiance. Perri Wilson sang the national anthem.

Pastor Whit Criswell spoke about the repentance of anger, division and failure to express Christ’s love in the community. He also talked about revival in Clark County and loving the community through and to Christ.

“If every Christian would love people the way that God loves them. If every Christian would just forgive people like God has forgiven them. If every Christian would quit thinking so much about themselves and think about others, be generous with others and compassionate with others,” Criswell said. “If every father would go home, and be the father, and the mother would go home and be the mother that God has called them to be.

“If every child would be submissive to their parents as they are to Jesus Christ. If we would all admit God, we want to humble ourselves. We want to serve other people. If we would just do the basic things in Clark County and the United States of America, difference would be felt.

“Let’s stop being selfish consumers. Let’s be humble followers of Jesus Christ. Let’s make a difference.”

He finished with a prayer for the community, the leaders, the churches and spiritual leaders.

Pastor Pat Finley spoke about asking forgiveness, tearing down walls of division, embracing righteous principles of life, righteousness and the love of Jesus Christ.

Finley also spoke about revival in the Commonwealth and about awakening churches in every town, city and county that would permeate the Commonwealth with the love of Jesus Christ.

He finished with a prayer for the Commonwealth and the leaders in Frankfort.

“Let us love one another,” Finley said.

Pastor Tony Stang spoke about repentance of divisiveness, broken relationships, devaluing human life and forsaking godly principles.

Stang also talked about healing and great spiritual awakening in America that would bind words, bring people together in Christian love and transform the nation with the love of Jesus Christ.

He finished with a prayer for the country, the nation and leaders in Washington, D.C.

Attendees then split into groups to pray. John Sparks gave the final prayer of the event before the crowd dispersed while singing “God Bless America.”