Our View: Community needs positive outlook on new businesses

While we use our Facebook page as one of many methods of getting the news to our readers, the comments section of our page also serves as a great place for the community to communicate with one another.

Like any online forum, the comments on our Facebook posts are both positive and negative. With only minor monitoring for extremely vulgar or libelous content, we try to let those comments and conversations happen naturally.

People are particularly interested in crime reports, court proceedings, the happenings of city and county government and news about businesses.

Recently, there has been a common theme of people being particularly negative about some of the news about new businesses coming to our community.

We believe nearly any new business is good business. Whether it be locally-owned, a franchise or a retailer, we are always glad to see people or corporations investing in our community.

One of the most common things people complain about in Winchester and Clark County is a perception that we need more restaurants. However, as soon as news of a new restaurant breaks, people are quick to complain because it’s not necessarily the restaurant of their choice.

Unfortunately, unless we are all willing to make the huge investment of time, energy and money it takes to open a restaurant, we can’t necessarily pick and choose what comes to our community.

What we can do is support our restaurants and businesses in Winchester. If we do that, we can promote more growth.

If businesses looking to locate in our community see that our residents patronize local establishments, they will be more likely to come here.

We need to create a positive narrative about our local business community. Rather than lambast people who have taken a risk and made an investment in our community, we should be thankful for that faith they see Winchester and Clark County.

New businesses mean more tax revenue for the city and county, they mean more jobs and they mean more options.

When it comes to operating a business, we know as well as anyone there is no way to completely satisfy everyone. But business growth in our community should be looked on favorably by residents.

We want to thank all those business owners, companies, corporations and franchisees that have decided to do business in our great community.

While we all have our “wish lists” of local businesses, let’s be proud and supportive of those businesses that are already here or that have made plans to locate in beautiful Clark County.