Clark tops organ donor registry

Once again Clark County is at the top of the Trust for Life’s organ donor registry.

In Clark County, 96 percent of all registered drivers are organ donors, according to the trust. Statewide, 1.97 million people are registered as organ donors, with more than 140,000 registering for the first time in 2018.

The Kentucky Circuit Clerks’ Trust for Life was started in Clark County by former circuit clerk Whitey Walson more than 30 years ago, Clark Circuit Clerk Martha Miller said.

“My staff is so dedicated to the Trust for Life,” Miller said.

According to the Trust for Life, Clark County registered 3,881 new residents to the registry in 2018.

When drivers renew their operator’s license, the clerks ask if they would donate $1 to the Trust for Life for education about organ donation.

“I start talking with them when they get here about the importance of being an organ donor,” deputy clerk Diana Royse said. “It’s being compassionate about my job.”

According to a statement from the Trust for Life, Trust for Life affiliates cared for 134 organ donors which led to 423 organ transplants.

Nationally, 36,527 organs were transplanted in 2018, which set a record for the sixth consecutive year.

Another 367 people donated tissue and 824 cornea transplants led to more than 1,000 people gaining or regaining their sight, according to the organization.

“Every registered donor is a bright symbol of hope for children and adults waiting on a lifesaving organ,” Miller said in a statement.