Our View: Pets benefit from Girl Scout cookie sales

It’s that time of year when it’s hard to ignore the colorful boxes of sweet treats awaiting patrons are at various local retail stores.

Girl Scouts are out in full force conducting their annual cookie sales. While many of us are quick to buy a couple boxes of our favorite cookies, few probably realize the impact cookie sales proceeds can have.

Locally, that impact was made evident Tuesday night when the girls of Girl Scout Troop 2018 decided to use part of the proceeds from their cookie sales to buy three sets of pet-sized oxygen masks for Winchester Fire-EMS.

Troop leader Janice Eldridge said the troop wanted to simply give back to the community.

Winchester Fire-EMS did not have any oxygen masks for pets, so the three sets purchased by the troop meet a critical need.

Battalion chiefs will keep the masks, which cost about $90 each and included three different-sized masks to use on animals in the case of a fire.

The troop, based at Justice Elementary School, is comprised of 27 girls from kindergarten to fourth grade. This act of community outreach is further evidence of the great impact Scouting groups have on our youth.

These programs teach leadership, volunteerism, life skills and more to help build up well-rounded students and future community leaders.

Scouting programs provide experiences that prepare our youth for their future. It affords participants an opportunity to try new things, provide service to others, build sled-confidence and reinforces basics ethics.

While these students are learning these skills now, they will undoubtedly carry the lessons with them throughout their lifetime, paving the way for them to be impactful adults.

We commend the girls of Troop 2018 for their willingness to give back to the community. Their donation will save lives.