Police renew phone scam warnings

Phone scams continue to pose a threat to local residents, with the latest coming from people claiming to be with Kentucky Utilities or a police chief association.

Wednesday, Winchester Police posted a warning on its Facebook page about people receiving calls from people saying they work for KU and their utilities will be cut off unless money is paid within 45 minutes.

Winchester Police Capt. Harvey Craycraft said he also received reports this week of others getting phone calls from the Kentucky Chiefs of Police soliciting money.

“We had two this week from the chiefs of police,” Craycraft said. “We don’t do that. We’ve never taken money over the phone or credit card information.”

The safest course of action, he said, is to simply hang up. Credit card or other personal information should not be given out over the phone.

“If you get a call, you need to verify who they’re with,” Craycraft said.