Caldwell: Positive things are happening

Maybe it comes from having an outsider’s perspective, but it clearly feels like there is an undercurrent of electricity rippling throughout Winchester.

Those who cannot see the positive things going on need to remove the blinders from their eyes and really look at the progress happening in the community.

Downtown is really starting to turn around with a variety of new businesses, restaurants and existing owners stepping up to lead by example. Everyone should see more exciting projects taking shape really soon.

The city’s investment in a comprehensive master plan will pay dividends for years to come — as long as there is a clear implementation plan.

Clark Regional Medical Center is gearing up to celebrate its 100th anniversary next month and is in the middle of a multi-million-dollar expansion that will continue to provide top-quality health care right here at home.

A variety of housing improvement projects are in the works as well that will help provide the range of homes people desire when making a decision to relocate to a community.

Several projects on the bypass continue to take shape, include a handful of restaurants that are in the works and have a good chance of coming to fruition.

The Industrial park has remained strong with steady job growth and investment by existing businesses. The leadership is going hard after new tenants and it is only a matter time before more growth can be celebrated.

A host of partners are working together on an online community calendar that will provide a consolidated destination for people seeking basic information about all the great things going on in Winchester and Clark County. Stay tuned for more information on this.

City and county leaders are working together to continue to provide good public services and an infrastructure system that is vital to attracting residents and maintaining a good quality of life.

As someone said recently, the lack of population growth here in Clark County is concerning, but this is a challenge that can be overcome through steady progress. We also need each and every citizen to become a cheerleader for the community.

It truly is an exciting time to be a Clark County resident.

Positivity and getting as many people as possible working toward a common solution will be integral parts of the victories that are just over the horizon.

Michael Caldwell is publisher of The Winchester Sun and Winchester Living magazine. He can be reached at (859) 759-0095 or by email at