Our View: With event canceled, time to strategize

Mother Nature just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate sometimes, even when it is for her own good.

For the second time this summer, the annual River Sweep event has been canceled because of high water that creates safety issues for volunteers picking up trash along the banks of the Kentucky River.

A much-needed initiative that has been conducted for years, River Sweep is a partnership between Clark and Madison counties.

It is about preserving our natural beauty and ensuring our resources are protected.

Plans are still being worked out as to whether or not the large-scale event will be rescheduled or if smaller versions will be implemented this year.

Although we feel either approach can work, it is likely that multiple, small efforts may make the most impact.

It will be more difficult to coordinate and find volunteers but it would also create a more sustained clean-up approach.

We also hope officials from Clark and Madison counties spend some time focusing on, first, where exactly the majority of the trash is coming from and, second, what steps can be taken to address this problem at the root cause.

Maybe it is making more garbage and recycling stations available for park visitors. Maybe it is providing more education to those who visit.

Or maybe a program could be created that allowed park visitors to give back by participating in some clean-up efforts during their stay as a way to get a discount.

The River Sweep is an important project. As we look to find ways to keep our community clean, we hope our officials complement this reactive approach with proactive measures as well.