4-H teaches preschoolers robotics

By Shannon Farrell

Clark County Extension

On Tuesday, Dec. 11, 4-H Robotics members attended Central Baptist Preschool to give a robotics presentation for the 4- and 5-year-old participants.

This came as the response to a request from preschool teacher Amy Williams.

Amy inquired about this topic in hopes to spark these young minds into the world of robotics and science, engineering and technology. Mission accomplished.

Three 4-H members, Dallas Hall, Lillian Hall and Wyatt Jackson did an outstanding and engaging introduction into what they do in the 4-H Robotics program.

The trio showed the preschoolers how to program the robot on their laptop and instructed the robot to follow the black line on the floor they created right in front of the children.

Dallas, Lillian and Wyatt even worked one-on-one with each student to add additional sections to the line and watch as the added programming inputs on the laptop instructed the robot what to do.

Many other commands were demonstrated on the robot that increased the engagement of the preschoolers as the presentation proceeded.

As a result of this event, Amy Williams inquired about the possibility of doing a Robotics Day Camp this summer for preschool-age youth.

The 4-H members were excited about this additional leadership possibility, as they would help instruct the day camp with current 4-H Robotics leaders.

Shannon Farrell is a Clark County Extension Agent for 4-H youth development.