Baker Intermediate shows off for district administrators

District administrators observed classrooms and learned about various teaching strategies during the Baker Intermediate School Showcase Thursday.

Brenda Considine, Clark County Public School’s chief academic officer, said it is the first year the district is hosting these showcases, and it started at Campbell Junior High School last month.

Considine said the district learned about showcases while visiting Carter County schools. Each school will host a showcase, she said.

The next showcase will be Conkwright Elementary School in April.

Considine said the showcases are meant for schools to share their new learning practices, techniques and more to district administrators. Every principal attended the showcase as well as personnel from Central Office. An official from the Kentucky Department of Education also attended the showcase.

Attendees could then provide feedback to Baker as well as take initiatives and ideas back to their school.

Considine said the showcase is a way for schools to learn from one another and to unite the district under one goal: developing students to become successful Clark County graduates.

The showcase breaks it down to “what does that look like” and”how do we get there,” Considine said.