Planning/zoning reminds moving signs is illegal

After planning officials found someone moved a required sign from a piece of property involved in a zoning change, contrary to state law, they are reminded the public to leave signs alone.

Winchester Planning Director Robert Jeffries said state statute requires a sign to be placed on the property for 14 days in advance of official action.

The property in question is at 2695 Bypass Road, for which a development plan was filed to build multi-family residences.

“I went out to check on (the signs) and found both were moved to the entrance to the subdivision,” he said, “so more people could see them.”

Kentucky Revised Statute chapter 100.212, he said, requires the sign, which notifies the public of an upcoming public hearing, must be on the exact property for 14 consecutive days prior to the public hearing.

The statute also specifies the size of the sign, what must be printed on the sign and the size of the print. The sign must include the proposed change as well the date, time and location of the public hearing.

“It’s very important that we comply with the KRS,” Jeffries said. “It’s a big deal.”