Our View: Slow down for holidays

The holidays are known for being one of the busiest times of the year for most.

It seems that as soon as the children are done trick or treating, the sprint to Christmas begins.

The tinsel and lights start going up as people anticipate the visit from the Jolly Old Fellow, the gifts, the meals and more.

Many begin to feel Thanksgiving is overlooked in anticipation and excitement of the Christmas holiday.

After all, the Black Friday rush to put a dent in those Christmas lists creeps further and further into Thanksgiving day each year. So much so retail workers are pulled from their families and those who are shopping tend to lose sight of what Thanksgiving has to offer.

We’re not here to shame anyone who puts up their Christmas tree right after trick or treating or to call out those who enjoy Black Friday shopping.

We just want to remind our readers and our neighbors to slow down a little this Thanksgiving.

We often get bogged down by all the expectations of the holidays. And we stress about the money we will send, the food we will have to prepare, the traveling that will need to take place and more.

Set aside as much time Thursday as you can to relax and really enjoy the people and things for which you are thankful.

Reflect on all you have been blessed with.

Rather than rush through the day worrying too much about the turkey in the oven or the plan of action for the shopping excursion that night, be mindful about what the holiday has come stand for.

This year, we are reflecting on all the growth we have experienced here at The Sun and in our community. We are grateful for our dedicated readers and for those who support The Sun and our mission throughout the year.

We wish all our friends, neighbors and loved ones a happy, peaceful and joy-filled holiday.