Our View: Solar farm shows unique vision

Most financial investment portfolios are built around stocks, bonds and IRAs, but the East Kentucky Power Cooperative is offering a much different type of investment, one that will benefit our community, our wallets and, ultimately, our planet.

After receiving state approval, the electric cooperative will soon begin offering public licenses for its new Clark County solar farm.

The facility, which was announced earlier this year, will feature 32,300 solar panels on 60 acres along Interstate 64. According to the EKPC, construction will begin in the spring and it should start generating energy later next year.

It is encouraging to see a power company taking such a proactive approach to diversifying its electric generation and focusing on renewable sources. We applaud the East Kentucky Power Cooperative for its vision and substantial investment in this environmentally friendly project.

The most unique part is that customers will be able to buy licenses in the solar farm for $460 per panel, entitling the holder to a bill credit for 25 years, based on the value and energy generated by their licensed share of the solar farm.

Those investing won’t see an overnight return on their investment but it will certainly pay for itself over time. This is a great opportunity for businesses and industries that know they will be here.

Coal, natural gas and petroleum will remain the primary fuel and generators of power for our country, but we have to look at complementing those with renewable ones like solar, wind and hydro generation.

Ask any financial consultant the key to smart investing and they will tell you it is about diversifying the portfolio. That’s exactly what this does when it comes generating the power we use here in Clark County and beyond.