Our View: Give the gift of a good night’s sleep

So often we take things for granted. Things we might complain about are things others dream of having. Items in our homes we wish we could replace would be treasures to our neighbors who are struggling.

Most of us are blessed enough to have a bed. It might be a little too firm for our liking; maybe it doesn’t suit our back just right or perhaps it’s worn from years of use. But, it’s a bed — a comfortable place to find refuge at the end of the day, to keep us up off the cold floor, to make us feel human.

However, many people, including children, in our community don’t have a bed to call their own. If they are lucky, they might sleep on a couch or a blowup mattress. Maybe all they have is a pallet of blankets and pillows on the floor.

One local business is aiming to help those children in need find that much-needed comfort of a bed of their own.

The Williams Agency is joining forces with The Terf Project and Leggett and Platt for a Sleep Dreams event. The event will give beds and new bedding, stuffed animals and a bag of goodies to 25 local children who attend Conkwright Elementary School.

The Terf Project is a nonprofit in Mount Sterling dedicated to helping youth achieve their goals and dreams by supporting various programs.

Drawing from her own experiences with homelessness, Jessica Durphy, a life and health specialist at the local insurance agency, wanted to help others in that situation.

The effort has already received great feedback from the community, with Superior Home Improvements delivering the beds, Family Emporium and Bargains on Broadway offering discounts on mattresses, Leggett and Platt donating box springs and frames and more.

More help is needed though. The agency is currently seeking more financial contributions. Durphy said other businesses or individuals could give a financial contribution to help pay for the event Dec. 8, during which students will be able to celebrate with a party and be surprised with their beds, or provide a bed in the bag for one of the many children in need. Volunteers are also needed for the event.

Any leftover funds or items will go toward next year’s event.

This is an incredible cause that addresses a need that largely goes unnoticed.

Having a bed will be a boost of comfort and confidence for these children. It will allow them to get a good night’s sleep, which will open doors to more success in the classroom and extracurriculars.