Conservation District hands out tree seedlings

The Clark County Conservation District held its annual tree seedling giveaway Thursday.

The seedlings consisted of white oak, pecan, eastern redbud, gray dogwood, persimmon, black walnut and bald cypress.

Students with the George Rogers Clark High School FFA club assisted with the giveaway. They gave out the seedlings on a first come, first-serve basis, with a limit of 15 seedlings per person total.

Patrons were encouraged to bring wet newspaper or cloth and a plastic bag to transport and ensure seeds stay moist.

The conservation district had about 900 tree seedlings waiting for their new home. If there are any leftover following Thursday’s event, people can call the conservation district’s office and ask if there are any left to be picked up if people did not make it out to the giveaway Thursday.

The conservation district does the giveaway each year, and the giveaway is one way the conservation district tries to spread the message of the importance of conservation.

District Manager Angie Embry previously told The Sun this time of year is an opportune time to plant trees and encouraged those who picked up seedlings to do it right. She said it’s important to keep the seedlings moist and plant them as soon as possible.