Trinity Gay hopes to be a positive teammate

Freshman Trinity Gay has been playing basketball since she was 4 years old.

She also played soccer, but the older she got the more she realized she was built for basketball.

“I got tired of playing soccer,” she said. “I realized my passion was to play basketball. I just continued to play it and I figured out it was right for me.”

Gay said her motivation to go hard at anything she does is because of the people close to her that she sees every day.

“My teachers and my parents motivate me,” she said. “My parents are my biggest supporters but also give me constructive criticism when I need it. Every body needs it every now and then. They push me to do better and become a better player and person in life.”

Gay feels confident in her leadership and ball handling on the court.

“I could learn how to be more aggressive,” she said. “My shooting could use work just like anybody else’s and I want to get better.”

Gay wears no. 2 on the court because it is her favorite number and she said music hypes her up on game days.

“I treat game days differently than regular days,” she said. “Game days are way more exciting and give me something to look forward to. I have to listen to music to help me focus and that does not allow me to have any distractions.”

Gay said she wants to do everything it takes to help her team see success this season.

“I want to play my role,” she said. “I do not want to do too much or force anything. I want to play for my team to let them know I have their back.”