New Census data details workforce, more

For the latest information on Clark County’s population, workforce and income, look no further than the latest release from the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey.

The new information, which covers 2013-17 was released in December and offers a vast array of information about Clark County and its people

“The ACS is the most relied-on source for up-to-date social, economic, housing and demographic information every year,” according to the Census. “… The ACS is the only source of local statistics for most of the 40 topics it covers, such as educational attainment, occupation, language spoke at home, nativity, ancestry and selected monthly homeowner costs.”

Clark County’s population saw minuscule growth from 35,365 in 2016 to 35,381 in 2017.

The male population shrank by 100 to 17,277 in 2017, while the female population increased to 18,104 from 18,028.

Of the total population, 8,065 were younger than 18 and 5,938 were 65 and older.

The vast majority of residents — 32.786 — identified themselves as caucasian, plus 1,811 African-Americans and 977 of Hispanic ancestry.

The median age of residents increased from 41.7 years to 42.2.

The average family in Clark County is 2.93 people while the average household is 2.39 people.

In the work realm, there are 8,020 people age 16 and older working in Clark County.

Education is the biggest employer with 1,706 jobs. Nearly 1,000 people (987) work in retail, 350 in public administration, 858 in arts and entertainment and 484 in finance or insurance.

Another 1,428 work in production or transportation, including 83 in agriculture, 594 in construction and 1,706 in manufacturing, according to ACS.

Private companies employ 6,385 people in Clark County, according to the survey. Another 1,197 work for government and 438 are listed as self-employed.

The survey also tracks housing and education information.

In Clark County, there were 6,907 households in 2017, with 4,620 families and 2,287 non-families. Of those, 1,812 consisted of people 65 and older, 3,249 were led by a married couple and 1,134 were led by a single female without a husband.

From the same number of households, 3,764 owned their residence while 3,143 rented. Two percent of owned residences were unoccupied while the vacant rental property was 5.9 percent.

Education information showed 1,570 people between ages 18 and 24. Of those, 683 completed high school or earned an equivalency degree, 595 had completed some college and 59 earned a bachelor’s or higher degree.

Of the 12,705 people age 25 and older, 4,647 had completed high school or an equivalence, 2,722 had completed some college, 818 earned an associate degree, 1,877 had a bachelor degree and 586 had graduate or professional degrees.

In the 25 and older category, 11,336 people identified themselves as caucasian. 9,490 completed high school or an equivalency, and 2,278 earned a bachelor or higher degree. For African Americans, 1,021 were included in the parameters with 877 completing high school or an equivalency and 185 earning a bachelor or higher degree. Hispanics numbered 304 with 169 completing high school and 12 earning a bachelor or higher degree.