Meet Your Neighbor: Whitney Ensor

Whitney Ann Ensor, 35, is from Winchester. She’s an associate broker with Ensor Real Estate and has been a Kentucky licensed realtor since 2005 and a licensed broker since 2008. As of this year, she was the youngest licensed real estate broker in Winchester.

WS: How did you end up in your job?

WE: I have been around real estate and small business all my life. My parents, who are a big inspiration to me, have also been involved in small business as long as I can remember in some capacity.

My father, Gary Ensor as the owner/operator of Silver Star Motorwerks specializing in only Mercedes Benz for longer than I have been alive. I am guessing 37 years or so.

My mother Mila Ensor decided to change our lives completely when she became a licensed realtor/real estate agent in 1994 then obtained her broker’s license in 1998.

She then started her own company in 2005, Ensor Real Estate. My mother is the reason I decided to get my realtor/real estate license, when she opened up her own office.

I sold real estate while I was in college attending the University of Kentucky. Go Cats!

I graduated college from the College of Agriculture at UK in 2007 with a bachelor of science degree in family consumer science education. I then went back to school to get my real estate brokers license with the encouragement, advice and wisdom of my mom. I obtained that in 2008.

Family is my inspiration my reason and is important to me. I am blessed with two amazing parents who taught me how to be a realtor, business woman, be tough and work hard to achieve goals for myself all while helping others in the process.

WS: What’s a typical day like on your job?

WE: That’s a funny question, no days are typical in real estate.

My days are spent mostly in the car going from appointments, meeting, inspections, showings, doing research on properties, on the phone answering callings, showing properties, reviewing contracts, making new contacts and talking with other agents and brokers in my industry.

Real estate is not like other jobs. sitting in an office is not the way business is conducted or at least not much anymore.

I work every day to get new clients, take care of my repeat clients, market listings and do searches for my buyers, show property and attend closings.

I can honestly say all my days are different, there are no set hours and often that means long hours. This career is what you make of it and often on Friday, Saturday and Sunday you will find me in the car showing properties, and meeting with buyers and sellers. Basically, you work when people are off work.

The success in this business takes work, long hours, multi-tasking and mental toughness. I can promise you it is always interesting, and I have seen and sold some amazing properties and even visited locations that I did not know existed.

WS: Why did you pursue this career path?

WE: I choose this career path because I enjoy small business. I love all things real estate from houses to investment property to business and commercial.

I also love design; I was an interior design major for a few years. And I even lightly stage the homes I list to help give that extra market edge.

I love a challenge and, ultimately, I love working alongside my family every day. It’s a different type of relationship you develop when you work with your family.

We know each other well and we have all learned work is work and family time is family time and honestly people ask us all the time if we all get a along. The answer is yes, very well.

WS: What has been the most rewarding part or favorite part of your job?

WE: The most rewarding part of my career is helping those who never thought they could make their dreams of home ownership, small business or commercial properties possible.

The look and feeling that gives a person to see others accomplish their goals is the highest of highs for me. To be a small part of that and see it firsthand must be one of the most rewarding aspects of my career.

WS: How’s the current real estate market? Is it a good time to make a real estate investment?

WE: The current real estate market is awesome. From homes to farms to investment, it’s a great time to buy and sell real estate.

In the last few years I have seen a shift towards a seller’s market. For many years in my career it was a buyer’s market and there were years in my career when things moved very slow during the recession.

I think those times made me a stronger agent. Although I hope I do not have to repeat them for a while.

WS: Why should people consider buying a home?

WE: A home is an investment in yourself and your future, its a way to build credit, create equity/borrowing power and make your own space.

Homeownership is stock in yourself and your goals.

My favorite part of my home owner clients is the stamp they put on their own homes. I love when they send me updates on their designs and even invite me back over to see them and their homes long after closing.

A realtor is the best friend you can have — they understand your needs, learn to keep things private and can be your best asset in a good and bad buying market.

It has always been my opinion that realtors make their clients dreams a reality, and this is the best part. And as I always say #EnsorSells.

I love to talk real estate anywhere or time.