Down the Lane Headline: Another Milestone in Sue Staton’s Life

Another milestone in my life has happened.

I mentioned I would be having radiation for cancer on my chin. I did, and I can tell you I am happy to announce I have completed the radiation treatments.

I just want to say thank you for all the prayers, calls and cards from those of you who helped me through another milestone in my life.

I want to mention Dr. Marvin Bishop in Winchester, KY who did the biopsy and related to me I would need treatment for the cancer. He explained to me what would need to be done and the heads up he gave me rang true for my treatment.

I do want to brag on my team who were in charge of my treatments at Baptist Health in Lexington, KY.

A lot had to be done before I actually began treatment.

I was introduced to my doctor, Dr. Marta Hayne and doctors I would see in case she was out. A mask for my face had to be made, I met the physicist and dosimeterists who would get my treatment correct. Also, a trial run would have to happen to make sure all the measurements that had been taken were correct.

I met Betty, who was the oncology dietician who made sure I ate healthy and did not lose any weight. From the Registered nurses to the front two desks. I was happy with my treatment and the whole team.

Someone who made a big impression on me was the greeter at the door who took my temperature daily and signed me in. I was very impressed with her. Her name was Zaria. Zaria had a way about her that made you feel special. Each day she would check me in and that would allow me to go on back to the second station before being allowed into the room to have my birthday checked and then on to the treatment area. She gave me a green sticker that showed I had been screened. After treatment each day she acknowledged me and would say a kind word as we left. It wasn’t until I got home that I looked at my stickers and would read what she had written. On the first day she wrote, “You are loved!”.

I thought how sweet that was. Each day I looked. at my sticker to see what was written on it. Here is what I read. It was things like, You Got This! Keep Fighting! Don’t Give Up ! You’re So Brave! You’re So Strong! You’re Amazing! You Are A Warrior! You Will Win! You’re One of the Strongest! You Are An Angel! On the last day, We Love You! Some of the days were repeats of some of the sayings but each day I appreciated those little boosts.

I let her know I did and I hope others commented the same to her. I realized not everyone has a good support system and some needed that daily support.

While everyone on the oncology radiation department were so nice it made going daily for radiation much easier. If I had a concern, it was addressed immediately and I was made to feel more comfortable. I did lose four pounds one week, which. made me happy but I had to have another meeting with the oncology dietician. I assured her, I eat a lot and did not understand it. They do not want you to lose a pound while in treatment.

In fact, my worst day had to be with going on the worst day of weather and spending seven and a half hours sitting in traffic trying to get to Lexington for treatment and back home again after treatment.

It was unbelievable that no matter what detour we took, it seemed one road was as backed up in traffic as the other. Needless to say I called in the next day.

Whatever befalls you in life, sometimes it is not as horrible as your mind imagines it to be.

Don’t expect it to be a bed of roses but it can be tolerable.

Maybe it is just having a great team like I had.

Happy Valentine’s Day next week! I want to borrow Zaria’s words and say, “You are loved!

A longtime Winchester Sun columnist, Sue Staton is a resident of Clark County.