Donations sought for special fund to help child’s dental needs

Clark County Community Services is looking for help and donors to refill its “You Can Help” funds to help a student receive needed dental work.

CCCS Executive Director Debbie Fatkin said the You Can Help fund helps with situations referred to the agency for extraordinary expenses.

In this instance, the donations would help a student who fell and hit his face on the floor, Fatkin said. Two of his front teeth were chipped and a third was knocked out. The student has Medicaid, but the repairs are cost-prohibitive for the family, she said.

Fatkin said about $1,000 needs to be raised. Anything collected above that amount will be kept to help others.

“Currently my balance is at zero,” Fatkin said. “I’ve been using You Can Help funds quite a bit.”

Previous projects have included helping people obtain glasses, medical transportation and building ramps or home repairs.

Each request comes as a referral from another agency, she said, and CCCS has discretion over how the funds are used.

Anyone interested in donating can contact CCCS at 744-5034.