Our View: ‘Gauntlet’ renews hope in younger generations

While more than 60 students funneled through stations meant to put them to the test Monday morning at Campbell Junior High School, they also renewed some hope in the youth of our community.

Campbell Junior High School seventh-graders went through various stations Monday, dialing numbers on a rotary phone, handling disgruntled customers, making a pitch for Cactus Pepper Hot Sauce and more.

In all, students went through about 16 stations during the school’s first in-house Gauntlet competition, part of its new Amazing Shake program.

Judges gave students an unexpected prompt that requires them to think on their feet and then scored students on their performance.

Campbell’s Amazing Shake program is inspired by the national program that tests students on their professionalism, discipline and skills such as interviewing, respect, eye contact and a proper handshake. Campbell’s students rose to the occasion, impressing the more than a dozen community leaders who volunteered to coach.

The Amazing Shake is a competition that places an emphasis on teaching students manners, discipline, respect and professional conduct. Prior to the competition, students learn the nuances of professional human interaction as they are taught skills such as how to give a proper handshake, how to “work a room,” how to give a successful interview and how to remain composed under pressure.

These are all basic life skills that will help ensure success after school for the local students who participate. They are skills all students should be learning at a young age and honing as they prepare for college entrance interviews, job interviews, internships, careers and more.

While it can seem that students are being taught to ace tests and make the grade, Amazing Shake is proof that they are being taught to be productive adults and its something badly needed.

Many employers lament that employees lack soft skills — things like interpersonal communication, taking instruction, arriving on time and more. Programs like this will produce a better, more well-rounded and more prepared workforce and group of leaders for Clark County’s future.

We can’t wait to see where these bright young people end up.